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We strive to bring you the very best in body therapy services - from massage, to dry needling


As humans, we all fluctuate daily with diet, hormones, moods, stresses and physical activity.

Not every day is the same, so why should your treatments be the same, boring experience every time?


We tailor every treatment to your particular needs on the day - as part of your "bigger picture" treatment plan

Some call it Holistic, we call it "being a real-life person, with real-life needs"

Effleurage Massage


Deep tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports, Pregnancy treatments, Firm Relaxation, Myofascial Release.. we do it all!

Dry Needling


Like acupuncture, dry needling uses very fine needles that are inserted into muscles and tissues of the body. It is a very effective way to compliment massages and physical treatments, as a way of relieving tension and trigger points found in muscles.

Cupping Treatment


Cupping is a popular therapy, in which a local suction is created on the skin with the application of heated or unheated cups.


Onsite massage is a safe, practical and effective way to treat a large amount of people in a shorter timeframe.

Suitable for: Sports teams, corporate businesses and events, expos, shows, back stage at concert venues, festivals and more!

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